3M Network Solutions

Brantel Lanka is the National Distributor for 3M range of cabling solutions & Passive Components in Sri Lanka.
3M™ Volition™ Network Solutions offers high performance network cabling solutions that are media transparent. 3M Telecommunications offers you cost-effective innovative solutions for the installation of copper pairs (Categories 5e and 6), fiber optics (multimode or single mode), or hybrid networks. This enables customers to optimize, manage, and migrate their network toward higher levels of bandwidth capable of supporting speeds of a gigabit and more in the enterprise network. In this way, you can keep all your network options open.

Why Choose Us

3M Communications help networks achieve peak performance today while preparing them for the future.
We offer a robust portfolio of structured cabling solutions for copper & fire networks that help our customers create reliable connectivity for the digital age backed by a 25 years performance warranty.

We reduce the weight of power lines so they can carry more power to more people. We help manufacturers use less while accomplishing more. We automate health care data so the right people get the right information. Across the globe, 3M is inspiring innovation and igniting progress, all while contributing to true global sustainable development through environmental protection, corporate and social responsibility and economic progress. We are applying our science and innovation to make a real impact in every person’s life around the world.

Our Products

Science is the core of everything that 3M does and all their technologies touch almost every aspect of daily life
You are probably aware of a fraction of the ways in which 3M Science improves your life.