Mineral Exploration

Brantel Mineral Exploration and Mining Services (BMEMS) actively involves in the mineral exploration programs for its own projects as well as for other clients in order to identify economically viable mineral deposits such as heavy mineral sands(HMS), Chromite, Manganese, Copper and Iron ore and etc. Services are offered under the guidance of senior geological consultants with the highest caliber to provide unique geological solutions for mining activities as listed below.


  • Field Mapping –Identify potential new deposits through geological and structural mapping.
  • Geophysical Investigation- Perform geophysical methods such as Electrical ( VES, CVES, SP and IP), Electromagnetic ( FDEM and TDEM), Magnetic, Ground Penetrate Radar( GPR) and Gravity for potential mineralized zones.
  • Drilling- Conduct drilling program with the company owned drill rigs or hired one by taking care of all aspects of the program and to make sure that core and/or chips get logged, sampled and modeled to perfection.
  • Sample Analysis – Carry out XRF( infield and Laboratory level) for oxides, AAS( in Laboratory) for elements and grain counting methods for the mineral sands.
  • Project Design- Plan, prepare, execute and publicly reported substantial technical report, EIA (environment impact assessment) or needy other environment management plans in order to open new mines.


Brantel Mineral Exploration and Mining Services (BMEMS) employs seasoned professionals with extensive mining, engineering, and metallurgy operational experience from mines across the globe. BMEMS’ projects mostly are open pit include heavy mineral sand based and industrial mineral deposits. BMEMS uses state-of-the-art technology to support its strategic mine planning and engineering solutions and some of the services and/or engagements of BMEMS provided include the following.

  • Preliminary Economic Assessments, Pre-Feasibility & Feasibility Studies
  • Reserve Estimations
  • Strategic Mine Planning
  • Active Mining
  • Audit

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