Brantel Solar takes “Top PV Supplier Sri Lanka” award

November 25, 2020
Brantel takes ‘TOP PV SUPPLIER SRI LANKA’ award based on installer surveys conducted by EuPD Research, Brantel is regarded as one of the best wholesalers in the PV sector.
Installers gave Brantel top grades as part of an independent survey by the Bonn-based market and opinion researcher EuPD Research. The questionnaires focused on brand awareness, recommendation and distribution. The premium seal is only awarded to companies that are graded with above-average positive results in comparison to competitors.
To ensure greater transparency in the market, EuPD Research developed a method for independently evaluating companies with the seal in 2010. The industry seal is awarded within the framework of a multilevel analysis. The evaluation is based on qualified statements by installers and independently gathered primary data as part of a survey. The “Top PV Supplier” seal offers craftsmen and end customers alike an independent orientation aid when choosing suppliers.

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